Frequently Asked Questions


How much does the Wi-Fi cost me?

  • There is no direct cost to you. It is offered as a service by the county.

Is the Wi-Fi encrypted?

  • No, the Wi-Fi is not encrypted.

If I see a Comcast “Lift Zone” network, which network do I choose?

  • Select the Comcast Lift Zone network. If you need assistance please call 844.963.0178 for Comcast support.
  • Lift-Zone-200.png

I do not own a computer. Are there any computers at the County Wi-Fi Locations?

  • County Wi-Fi Locations do not have computers available to the public. However, Harris County Public Library Locations do have computers for public use. Please go to the closest library for computer access or click on “Library” on the Wi-Fi Locations page.

How do I connect to the Wi-Fi?

  • Step 1: Make sure Wi-Fi is enabled on your device.
  • Step 2: Select the correct network: Harris County Public Wi-Fi.
  • Step 3: Read the Terms of Use and click the "Agree & Log On" button.


Where can I access the county Wi-Fi?

  • All locations are listed on the Locations page.

What is the name of the wireless network?

  • Harris County Public Wi-Fi

How is my data being tracked?

  • No personal data is retained.
  • For administrative purposes the following is being collected:
    • IP Address
    • Session length time
    • Bandwidth usage
    • Data usage
    • Websites visited

What is the Wi-Fi password?

  • A password is not required. Just click the "Agree & Log On" button.

I am having problems connecting. How can I get help?

  • Call Customer Service at 832.927.9434.